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Drink Alcohol, Donate Clean Water: How Saucey Is Standing Out In 'Uber For X' Model

We need everything, and we need it now. Oh, and there better be an app for it. Whether it’s music, movies, transportation, cleaning services, or food delivery, industries are being transformed by a so-called “Uber for X” model. The latest market to be flooded by delivery apps: the liquor store. This summer we’ve seen alcohol delivery apps launch and gain increasing popularity in major cities.
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Unrestricted Funding, Famous Alums Fuel Coveted Fellowship For Social Entrepreneurs

Echoing Green. If you’re apt in poetry or if you just Googled the name, you’d know it was the title of a poem by William Blake that begins with “The sun does arise, And make happy the skies.”. That theme of embracing a better world translates to another Echoing Green — a nonprofit that empowers social entrepreneurs, in part by offering what have become prestigious fellowships.
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Everything Is Not Awesome With LEGO and Shell, Says Greenpeace

This post has been updated to include new comment from Shell and added detail on the company’s work in the Arctic. Over the last half-century, children have been building and playing with toy tanker trucks and gas stations branded with the logo of Shell. Profits high or revenues low; investing in renewables or cleaning up oil spills — no matter where the oil giant stands, toymaker LEGO has been there to keep Shell in our minds.
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Game Changers In Energy Making Moves At Stanford, MIT

At the country’s leading universities, thousands of new ideas are being explored and developed, so it’s difficult for anyone to determine which ones are truly the next game changers. But in a new book, Game Changers: Energy on the Move, Director of MIT Energy Initiative Robert Armstrong and Stanford’s Hoover Institute Distinguished Fellow George Shultz have used their expertise to identify transforming innovations in the energy sector.
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Germany Was The Clear Victor, If We're Judging By Energy Efficiency

When trying to predict a World Cup victory, should we compare the countries’ athletes and coaches or their energy efficiency? If you had chosen the latter, you would have accurately predicted Germany’s victory over the U.S. today. In a study released earlier this month, cloud-based software company Opower compared the energy efficiencies of 2014 World Cup contenders to predict the winner of three top matches.
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Renewing Industry With Ancient Tech: A Return To Hydropower

You don’t have to invest millions in engineering the most optimal solar panel or innovative wind turbine to get ahead in the renewable energy sector. Instead, one Beverly, Mass. -based company has invested time and effort to understand the permitting process behind an older power source and has applied an ancient technology.
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A New Pursuit For Social Entrepreneurship: Profits

John Schoch, CEO of Profile Products — a $70 million company that manufactures and distributes products for soil and water management in 90 countries — decided four years ago to direct his company’s expertise to a global crisis: clean water. For decades, Profile Products has mined clay by the Mississippi River to create porous ceramic particles on golf courses and sports fields.
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The Future of Heating Buildings? MIT Introduces Local Warming

Saving energy and our climate future often seems to come with sacrifice, but what if a new technology could eliminate some of the wasted energy on heating or cooling in buildings? Forget about monitoring your thermostat with Nest and following Jimmy Carter’s advice to put on a sweater; try a new ceiling-mounted heating system that uses motion tracking to create personal climates.
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From Eviction To Expansion: How Greentown Labs Is Cleaning Up Tech And Going Global

In 2007, Sam White hoped to assist rural Indian farmers by providing affordable cold storage, so he founded Promethean Power Systems. Four years later, he unexpectedly bridged another gap, more close to home. What began simply as a quest to cut real estate costs became the creation of Greentown Labs, an incubator dedicated to cleantech startups.
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From Waste To Reward: Reimagining A $55B Industry

From an idea at his home in Frisco, Texas to being a Nasdaq-listed company, Brian Dick, CEO of Quest Resource Management Group (QRHC), achieved entrepreneurial success by innovating a $55 billion U.S. industry and capturing the interests of the world’s largest retailer. With a background in environmental engineering and experience managing an environmental services company, Dick identified a gap in the recycling and waste disposal system.
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Author Daniel Yergin Tells Energy’s Future

Daniel H. Yergin, an award-winning author on energy and international policy, commanded the attention of over 400 attendants in Science Center B for a talk about his latest book, “The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World,” on Wednesday night. “I speak today from the vantage point of ‘The Quest’ and also [as] someone who owes a great deal to Harvard for what I’ve been able to do in the energy field,” Yergin said.
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Harvard Forest Offers Research Experience

Like so many Harvard undergraduates, when Jennifer L. Levye ’11 arrived at Harvard almost four years ago, she was initially set on being pre-med. But her longtime interest in the environment lingered, and after discovering the Harvard Forest Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program later that year, she became interested in gaining research experience through the ecology program.
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Kerry Flynn

A recent graduate of Harvard College with experience in print and digital media for newspapers and magazines, I am looking for opportunities to write about innovation and be a part of a team navigating the changing media industry. Most recently, I interned at Forbes where I covered startups with an eye to energy innovators, trends in mobile tech, and social entrepreneurship. Prior, I interned at Money magazine, and I've freelanced for The Day and The Hartford Courant.

The daughter of a salesman I've always had an interest storytelling, industries and communities. My journalism career started as an ambitious high schooler leading my school's newspaper and writing for my local paper. At Harvard, I spent the majority of my time working for The Harvard Crimson and had leadership roles in news and design. It was there that I fell in love with entrepreneurship, surrounded by the innovation within Cambridge and Boston.

I'm an avid runner, proud to have been a part of the 2014 Boston Marathon and a past participant of Disney's Goofy Challenge. I'm fascinated by environmental policy and disruptive technology. And I can play the French horn and the mellophone, previously donning a Crimson blazer for the Harvard Band.

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