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3 Tricks That Will Help You Win Cyber Monday

If you plan to go online on Cyber Monday to score some deals for your holiday shopping, you're not alone. Last year, 131 million people shopped online during the Monday following Thanksgiving, according to USA Today, spending nearly $2.29 billion. For this year, we tested out some of the best online tools to make Cyber Monday a little less hectic for you.
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Scientists Figure Out How To Scale Walls Like Spider-Man

If you're a big Spider-Man fan, you're going to love this: A team of researchers at Stanford has developed a way to scale glass walls using pads that attach to a person's hands. It's kind of like the webbed wonder, but a little less slick than this: The team is part of Stanford’s Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory, a research group that previously created vertically climbing robots.
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Taylor Swift Releases Mobile Game For 'Blank Space' Music Video

Did you watch Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” video and think “Man, I wish I could be in that mansion?”. Well, now you can... virtually. The country-singer turned pop star launched a free app, for iOS and Android, Tuesday that gives fans a 360-degree experience of her music video. Called the “American Express Unstaged Taylor Swift Blank Space Experience,” the app has you follow the characters from the music video while the song plays in the background and the plot of the video unfolds.
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Facebook Is Giving You More Control Over Your News Feed

Facebook on Friday unveiled new tools to help users control and understand their News Feed. The switch is part of an effort by Facebook to give its users more control over the site's mysterious News Feed algorithm. One key new feature: You’ll now be able to easily see who and what most frequently fills up your News Feed.
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WhatsApp Now Tells You When Someone Has Read Your Message

Just a month after Facebook officially acquired WhatsApp, the messaging app is adding one of Facebook Messenger's most annoying features: read receipts. WhatsApp, which boasts over 600 million monthly active users, has been slowly rolling out the system overseas during the last few months. But it's now finally caught the wider attention of the media and people who use the app, after the company updated its FAQ page to explain the new feature.
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Tinder To Start Offering Special Features For A Fee

Beginning in early November, Tinder, the wildly popular and sometimes controversial dating app, will offer users optional additional features for a price. The company's CEO and co-founder, Sean Rad, announced that the company would soon offer the new paid features on Monday, during the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia.
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Spotify Introduces Shared Accounts So You Can Save Money With Friends

If you have any friends or family, you can now band together to save a couple bucks on Spotify. The company launched a new pricing plan on Monday that will allow groups of people to save some cash by creating a joint subscription under one bill. The plan will have all the benefits of Spotify Premium, including no ads and offline playlists.
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Before Spotify Enters, Russian Streaming Music Service Closes $20M Series A

Hold up, Spotify. Russia already has a free, legal music streaming service, and now it has the funding to further support its ecosystem of apps, social media integrations and a growing network. Zvooq announced today that it raised $20 million in a Series A round led by Ulmart, Russia’s online electronic retailer that rivals Amazon, and private equity fund Essedel Capital.
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Students Don't Have To Drop Out To Thrive As Social Entrepreneurs

For young social entrepreneurs, fellowships such as Thiel, Ashoka, and Echoing Green provide guidance and resources that can be essential for launching their projects without having a college affiliation. But what about those students who wish to pursue degrees and entrepreneurial ventures simultaneously?
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Drink Alcohol, Donate Clean Water: How Saucey Is Standing Out In 'Uber For X' Model

We need everything, and we need it now. Oh, and there better be an app for it. Whether it’s music, movies, transportation, cleaning services, or food delivery, industries are being transformed by a so-called “Uber for X” model. The latest market to be flooded by delivery apps: the liquor store. This summer we’ve seen alcohol delivery apps launch and gain increasing popularity in major cities.
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Socialist, An App For The List Obsessed To Create And Share Favorites

Millennials live and breathe lists. We spend hours every day on Buzzfeed reading about the best burger joints and cat videos, but the reality is we all have our own opinions, our own rankings. Now, there’s an easy and attractive way to share and act on them. Socialist (yes, the founder knows) is an app, built only for iOS 7 for now, that allows iPhone users to create and consume lists of places, movies, music, or anything really.
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Square Merges Its Mobile Payments With Food Delivery By Acquiring Caviar

Yesterday during a startup conference within AlleyNYC focused on food industry innovators I was fascinated by an introduction to Caviar, a startup that delivers meals from high-end restaurants. Now consumers wishing to enjoy prepared dishes at home or in the office could choose gourmet as opposed to the quick delivery options.
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Kerry Flynn

A recent graduate of Harvard College with experience in print and digital media for newspapers and magazines, I am looking for opportunities to write about innovation and be a part of a team navigating the changing media industry. Most recently, I interned at Forbes where I covered startups with an eye to energy innovators, trends in mobile tech, and social entrepreneurship. Prior, I interned at Money magazine, and I've freelanced for The Day and The Hartford Courant.

The daughter of a salesman I've always had an interest storytelling, industries and communities. My journalism career started as an ambitious high schooler leading my school's newspaper and writing for my local paper. At Harvard, I spent the majority of my time working for The Harvard Crimson and had leadership roles in news and design. It was there that I fell in love with entrepreneurship, surrounded by the innovation within Cambridge and Boston.

I'm an avid runner, proud to have been a part of the 2014 Boston Marathon and a past participant of Disney's Goofy Challenge. I'm fascinated by environmental policy and disruptive technology. And I can play the French horn and the mellophone, previously donning a Crimson blazer for the Harvard Band.

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